ZeneraIR is the one-stop investor relations consultancy delivering end-to-end advisory services that best promote clients’ business cases within the financial community. With our client base spanning across Nigeria and beyond in targeted sectors of the economy, our operations cut across Government, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and ICT amongst other sectors. We provide strategic support through a wide range of innovative and thoughtfully integrated Investor Relations services that manage perception, grow client’s brand equity and transform business expansion aspirations into tangible realities.


There is magic in what we do

ZeneraIR provides advisory to firms’ executives on best strategies to adopt for financial communication. We conduct research into the attitudes of investors, analysts, regulators and financial journalists. We subsequently analyse the intelligence gathered and recommend best communication strategies to improve the perception of the company in the financial community.



ZeneraIR develops communication plans that target different segments of the financial community. 

We create a series of strategic messages that project client firm in a positive light that inspires confidence of the investing community about the organisation.  

Key messages are incorporated in all communications efforts of the firm on sustained basis.


Reporting annual and quarterly results is an important responsibility for investor relations directors.                          We prepare press releases and oversee the production of SEC filings and annual reports for shareholders.
ZeneraIR creates content for the annual report, particularly the operating review, focusing on issues that communicate the image of a financially-sound and well-managed company.


At ZeneraIR we build understanding of the company among key groups that influence perceptions, including analysts, portfolio managers, research directors, heads of institutional investment departments and the stock exchange representatives.



A company’s website is an important source of information for investors. ZeneraIR manages the section of client company’s website devoted to providing essential information, such as stock prices, latest financial results, brief biographies of the management team and a company profile.


As an extension of the client’s staff, we provide co-ordination for all members of the transaction project team in order to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended by the company on specific fund-raising endeavours.


  • Oil & Gas
  • ICT
  • PROJECT 100

The Oil & Gas industry remains centric in Nigeria’s economic dynamics, constituting up to 90% of Nigeria’s exports value. The importance
of strategic communications efforts that positively engage stakeholders such as corporate financiers, regulatory authorities and host communities becomes pivotal in the fortune of businesses operating in the sector.

We provide advisory services in investor engagement, sustainability reporting and stakeholder endearment across the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the business. Our entrenched networking capital with industry contacts and regular engagements with stakeholders in the industry position us as valuable partners to established E&P organisations as well as distribution companies in the Nigerian terrain and new entrants looking to invest in the sector.

With Nigeria having over 80 million hectares of arable land, constituting about 23% of the total available across the entire West African region, agriculture and allied businesses find a substantive investment location in the Nigerian landscape.

Our familiarity with the local environment, engagements with financial services providers germane to agricultural enterprise, regulatory authorities such as SEC, and vendors of technologies pertinent to attaining optimal value in the agricultural sector combine to make our integrated advisory in investor relations and marketing communications highly attractive to individuals, organised private sector and foreign direct investment consortia looking to maximize opportunities in the Nigerian agricultural investment climate.

Today, ICT has become the fastest growing industry in the Nigerian economy, with the telecommunications sub-sector alone estimated to be worth over $32 billion. We live in an age of increasing digital disruption with ICT-driven changes making significant impacts on other sectors of the economy including businesses, education, health, finance, agriculture, transport and even defence.

The imperative of positive perception for brands looking to consolidate positions in the Nigerian ICT market through stakeholder endearment and expanded operational base in this strategic genre becomes critical to business outcome. Our bespoke reputation management advisory and bespoke communications strategies are treasured by leading players in the industry who value the role of perception positioning and sustainability of brands in Nigeria’s highly competitive ICT environment.

Launched in 2014, the PROJECT 100 chronicles our collaboration with Stratex Pro with a vision to create a record-setting (Guinness World Record-approved) fund distribution wallet for mechanised farming.

These world class mechanised farms would provide jobs and organically promote cluster development. Ultimately, this vision seeks to competitively position Nigeria as the FOOD BASKET OF THE WORLD.


Zenera Consulting is emerging as West Africa’s formidable force in end-to-end communications strategy.

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