Businesses are increasingly recognising the vital role that integrating sustainability into business strategy plays. At Zenera, we advocate that fully integrating the concept of sustainability into the brand essence will not only confer competitive advantage but will be absolutely compulsory for brand survival in the future.

From designing corporate social investment initiatives that align with brand values to developing implementation frameworks, we advance discussions and new ways of thinking about how businesses add value to society.

We thereby recommend a shift from an emphasis on corporate philanthropy to businesses integrating social equity, economic efficiency and environmentally sustainable performance as standard practice in a company’s operational system.

Every year, we bring together a combination of leading business experts as well as relevant stakeholders to expand the understanding of shared value and also seek to serve as active drivers in efforts to redefine what “good corporate performance” should mean in practice.

We encourage both private and public sector organisations to scale up and incorporate sustainable business models that will ultimately result in policies that are effective and consistent with the needs of both business and society.

Zenera is proud to be the consulting partner to CSR-in-Action (CiA), a not-for-profit organisation devoted to the advancement of social responsibility and corporate governance in Africa, CSR best practices and an unbiased commitment to sustainability reporting in Nigeria. With a joint focus on sustainability issues, Zenera has actively partnered with CiA on its annual “Sustainability in the Extractive Industries” seminars since 2013.