Foremost brand and reputation management outfit Zenera Consulting has launched a new service line tagged ‘Ethica360R’ to mark its fourth anniversary as a foremost player in Nigeria’s brand management industry.

Ethica360R is a collaborative service line being driven by Zenera Consulting and foremost sustainability consulting and training outfit CSR-in-Action, that underscores the role of sustainability in branding. It is a unique addition to Zenera’s service mix targeted at high-value brands seeking alignment with ethical business and corporate governance practices that will boost mileage with their target audiences on a sustainable basis.

Managing Partner of Zenera Consulting, Meka Olowola, said: “ This is another milestone consistent with the 10 year growth plan approved by our board. Our branding service offerings are proactive, innovative and designed to build brands that will stand the test of time through best practice in the Corporate Code of Ethics, International Reporting Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility. Operating from our London  office, we are poised to offer this bespoke Ethica360R service to our esteemed clientele leveraging our partnership with CSR-in-Action, sub-Saharan Africa’s arguably number one sustainability advisory firm.”Sustainability

Chief Executive, CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade said: “Zenera strives to create brand perception that meets brand reality when stakeholders interface with such brands. To achieve this, brands must address the fundamental issues of embedding sustainability in their DNA such that ‘sustainable’ becomes who they are and not what they say they are. So, we are excited to join forces with Zenera Consulting to come up with Nigeria’s first sustainability service offering that enable brands to thrive on the global stage, to be thought leaders and to plan to play for the long term. Put simply, we are building the Nigeria of the future.”

Earlier this year, Zenera upscaled its operations with its ultramodern ‘Signature’ office in Lagos and international office in Central London, in keeping with its strategic objectives. Its expansion was designed to further demonstrate that Zenera is the brand is a one-stop brand solutions centre for communications.

Olowola said: “At Zenera, our strategy is to continually evolve innovative strategies that will not just ensure our A-list clients are ahead in their respective industries, but stay ahead. Our launch of this service line is a testament to this passion for innovation and optimal client service. It sets the tone for our strategic client-focused initiatives that we will continue to roll out in years to come.”

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