The Crisscross of Lights, as this collection is aptly called, brings together outstanding works from Flo-G Studios  produced exclusively for Zenera Consulting over a three year period. Grounded in renaissance artistic traditions, the dynamic oils reveal the influence of western abstract expressionism. This fusion of the neo-classical West with avant garde art movements from Africa creates an idiosyncratic body of work at the confluence of cultures. Above all, the lead artist from this movement is a colourist, expressive with bold and dynamic hues, yet expressing a deep consciousness of embedded traditional inspirations.

It is impossible to view the actual paintings and not accept the invitation to experience the mystical inspirations behind each work with a touch of déjà vu. With the subtheme of lighted innovations: the artists bring alive various thought forms that allow illumination to surface in each work in a subtle but deeply interconnected way.

With Crisscross of Lights,  Zenera seeks to enhance the modern-day dialogue between sustainability and cross capitalism in the process of building unorthodox institutions and nation-states.

Title: The Energy Spectrum

Here, the artist is describing a frenetic trado-urban trading community with all of its components; canopies with graffiti, stalls, wares, neon lights and most importantly, its people. Try to picture a movie scene set on location in Shanghai, and what you have amounts to a meticulous makeshift transcribed in the form of art.


Concept: Zenera Consulting || Art: Flo-G Studios || 2015

Title: The Metropolitan Galaxy

This is an illustration of a diverse economy where business foundations and individual mobility are enabled by the key elements of the earth – air, land and water. It represents an ever-growing vista that fuses into tepid tranquility and glistening opportunities. High-rises as depicted in the painting, are common features of global commercial hubs, the orange splashes partly denote rays of the early morning sun, and the rooftops. The inclusion of boats and water help complete the ideal panoramic view.


Concept: Zenera Consulting || Art: Flo-G Studios || 2015

 Title: The Green Room

The artist tells the story of big players who rendezvous at a choice spot for the cross-fertilization of revolutionary ideas. The chandeliers, wine glasses, sofas and lightings all accentuate the exquisiteness of upscale lounges of the modern day.


Concept: BuzzDigital || Art: Flo-G Studios || 2015

Title: The Living Colours

This painting depicts the colourful natural contributors which enliven a pure spring rooted in an inexhaustible source that balances the vicissitudes of life. The rocks, leafy outgrowths and branches all transcribe the picturesqueness of the atmosphere.


Concept: CSR-in-Action || Art: Flo-G Studios || 2014

Title: Spontaneous Diversity


A multi-ethnic economy that breeds varying businesses.

Concept: CSR-In-Action || Art: Flo-G Studios 2016

Title: The Twilight


A blooming city in which individuals from all walks of life cross paths, with each touring paths of destiny.

Concept: CSR-In-Action || Art: Flo-G Studios 2014

Title: The Excel Place


A remote environment with vast opportunities for comprehensive research and dedication to the cause of greatness.
Financial services

Concept: Zenera Consulting || Art: Flo-G Studios 2015

Title: Horizon of Monuments


The domain where profitable markets are established, developed and marketed to a diverse consumer population.


Industry goods

Concept: BuzzDigital || Art: Flo-G Studios 2014

Title: Mound of Interaction


Ensuring all components of a prestigious organization are deftly engaged in producing the most comprehensive approach to problem solving.
NSE Qouted Companies Painting
Concept: CSR-in-Action || Art: Flo-G Studios 2014
Title: The Renaissance


A pathway wherein lies humble beginnings and phenomenal breakthroughs.

Concept: CSR-in-Action || Art: Flo-G Studios 2015