Title: Horizon Of Monuments
Concept: BuzzDigital || Art: Flo-G Studios © 2014

Functional Practices

Brand Image can make or break an organisation’s ability to deliver in the face of stiff competition. From strategy to operations, we are committed to helping our clients build their functional corporate image in ways that positively impact long-term prosperity.


At the Zenera, we recognise Branding as an acute tool for building relationships with company’s target groups, from consumers to suppliers to investors. To depart from the crowd, we find innovative ways to reflect the core brand of our clients by disrupting common practice. From start-ups wishing to develop a corporate identity to establish brands wishing to refresh their visual language, with our exclusive Zenera Envision programme, we offer bespoke strategic brand development solutions that build market presence and consumer endearment.


Our mission is to help clients communicate most effectively with different financial audiences by providing high-level strategic media and investor relations.

With an increasingly risk-averse investment community in today’s challenging economic climes, first-rate investor relations could make the difference between an oversubscribed listing and average subscriptions . Zenera understands these challenges and has resourced adequately to deliver a broad range of solutions in the sphere of investor communications through Zenera Engage toolkit. Our ability to communicate effectively to stakeholders at various stages of a transaction and our commitment to discretion have made us trusted members of advisory teams through several high profile transactions.


Effective management of image and reputation is critical to the success of any business. Our winning Zenera Excel programme enables us deliver inspirational reputation management consistently.


We work discreetly in partnership with our clients to protect and enhance corporate reputation, promoting their corporate and consumer brands through strategic public relations programmes. Zenera works closely with clients to carefully craft the most effective messaging whilst identifying media opportunities that allow clients tell their story in a way that best resonates with key audiences.

Crisis Communications

Zenera employs a proactive approach to crisis management. We work with organisations on complex issues that threaten corporate reputation or future success. In addition, our superior media relations expertise has proven invaluable to protecting firms in different crisis situations, Zenera also works with clients to produce bespoke crisis communications plans and capacity building which have proven very useful in preventing full-blown media crises.

Marketing Communications

 Providing the conceptual nexus between brands and their respective markets is at the heart of our Zenera Excel programme. We specialise in building prominence and preference for brands, products and services using a multifaceted approach that include brand revitalisation repositioning, experiential marketing and launches. Our overarching objective is to ensure marketing tactics impact significantly on the bottom-line to the delight of clients.

Social and Digital Marketing

Importantly, we understand the significance and influence of digital communications and offer leading edge services in this rapidly growing sphere of market space activity. That’s why we have a wholly owned subsidiary-www.BuzzDigital.mx that manages all aspects of our client’s social and digital marketing requirements, providing measurable results that align client’s programmes with trendy industry-leading strategies.